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    Security, sufficiency, sustainability and traceability: these are the pillars which underpin a viable food value chain. At THE FARMM, we are assembling a non-partisan, active think tank with a mission to nurture the development of collaborative innovation at the intersection of research, policy, technology and enterprise.



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    Nutritional excellence transcends boundaries and demographics. We aim to attract and support social entrepreneurs who are developing viable and sustainable models which guarantee quality, traceability and ethical production methods to create nutritious and nourishing food.


    Under-nutrition and obesity often co-exist within communities and tackling these deep-seated issues and related NCDs requires a holistic and multi-pronged approach. The FarMM seeks to foster collaboration between experts and entrepreneurs across the nutrition, education, behaviour change and technology sectors to address all forms of malnutrition.


    Viable, replicable models of farming which are both economically and environmentally sustainable can help regenerate the great British countryside as well as urban areas. We are committed to assisting both existing farmers and passionate young food and agriculture entrepreneurs to achieve these models of ethical and sustainable agriculture.


    Smart technology, education and alignment of interest can help develop shorter food supply chains. Our aim is to optimise the value of food across all tiers, from luxury delicacies to budget staples.


    A declining share of profit for farmers and the cost-price squeeze of commodity production have increased barriers to market access in the food value chain and at the same time have contributed to a general reduction in the quality of every day food. We support and sponsor the design of new market formats, such as the Mercato Metropolitano, which benefit both producers and consumers by providing direct access to higher-quality, sustainably-priced food.


    We want to bring our ideas and communities to urban areas across the country in need of regeneration and investment. Working with local government and strategic partners, we will create business and social ecosystems precisely where tired and neglected metropolitan areas need it most, stimulating private investments.


    Governments and NGOs do important work developing local and international policies which support access to affordable, safe and nutritious food. At the same time, the biggest and boldest solutions will come from tomorrow's most collaborative and passionate entrepreneurs. We give these visionaries our best support as they bootstrap their revolutionary ideas, persevering through obstacles as they seek to displace obsolete and protectionist practices.



     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Amedeo Claris

    I am a lawyer by trade with 12 years’ professional experience of structuring and advising private equity and venture capital funds.

    I regularly advise the boards of directors of start-ups, SMEs, fund advisers and managers on business strategies, governance, shareholders matters and corporate finance.

    I am also a co-founder and investor in a number of businesses in the technology start-ups space, with a particular interest in food and agricultural technology.

    I believe that food is an important part of a healthy life style to which people should relate at a personal level and I am very keen to explore ways in which the private sector and entrepreneurs can join forces with the academic and policy-making communities to make a contribution to the advancement of food security, nutrition for all and sustainable agriculture.

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Andrea Rasca

    Master in International Affairs at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, (Tufts University, Boston), ETP Master in Japanese Business at Sophia University in Tokyo, specialization in International Trade Policy Development at Columbia University of New York, a Degree in Business Administration at Cattolica University of Milan and ICADE of Madrid and now I'm specializing at London University in Sustainable Economy – Poverty Reduction.

    Over the past 25 years, I have gained a broad experience in various food-related sectors, with a focus on designing and implementing internationalization strategies for major Italian companies in the food industry and developing food retail projects.
    In 2014, I brought my wide-ranging experience together and developed an inspiring new food retail concept, Mercato Metropolitano. A UK journalist recently referred to this inclusive and sustainable concept as “the standard-bearer for the renaissance of inner-cities”.

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