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    We cultivate big ideas that put our communities’ and the environment’s well being at the center of new business and urban development endeavors.

  • What We Care About

    Our movement is rooted in two pillars:

    Sustainable Food Systems

    We believe that everyone has a right to nourishing food, and that the way we produce food contributes to today’s foremost urban sustainability challenges. Climate change is already widening the gap between who can and cannot access affordable, nourishing meals; we want to eliminate this gap entirely. Our cities are in need of a holistic approach - integrating quality, traceability, nutrition, behavior change, supply chains, and sustainability - to tackle malnutrition and food insecurity.

    Community Regeneration

    In order to usher in transformational food system change, we need to simultaneously shift our food culture. That’s why the FarMM is focused not only on farmers and supply chains, but also on consumers’ behavior and values. Creating spaces for slower, more communal meals can strengthen our communities’ connection to one another and to the ingredients and processes that underpin their food.

  • What We Do

    At the FarMM, we are building a movement of entrepreneurs, schools, and community organizations dedicated to reshaping our cities and food systems. Our initiatives include:

    The AcadeMMy

    education & innovation

    Business Harvest

    shared knowledge & resources

    IMMpact Projects

    partnership & tangible change

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    July 16, 2020 · Climate Action
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