• Our Story

    Andrea Rasca built the FarMM to house a movement. Not only was he disappointed in the lack of quality, traceability, and nutrition present in most people’s diets, but he saw ample room for improvement in the way people experience food in today's cities. Andrea started Mercato Metropolitano (MM), his sustainable food market concept, to provide a space for entrepreneurs to thrive and for city dwellers to slow down around a communal table. MM's success proved there was hunger for a food and community-based movement in cities. Now, working with partners at the FarMM, MM is able to grow this movement with like-minded companies, consumers, and other organizations. Here at the FarMM we are rethinking how urban communities gather, savor, and celebrate good food - and how we can create more opportunities for this to happen.

  • Our Values

    1. Community First

    At the FarMM, everything we do begins with community. We believe that the way people connect with one another is at the heart of virtually every urban sustainability challenge, from public health crises to carbon-emitting cars on the road. By looking at the issues we care about through a community-centered lens, we come up with solutions that are more innovative, approachable, and long lasting.

    2. Starting Small

    While we cultivate big ideas here, we also encourage thinking small. This means starting with companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in getting it right the first time when it comes to their environmental and social impact. We foster ideas, people, and organizations who never see the need to depend on highly extractive, resource-intensive processes. Instead we are reimagining business as usual to shrink our supply chains and create net-positive change in our cities, no matter how small.

    3. Our MMovement Includes Everyone

    Through our work with a wide range of partners - from entrepreneurs to elementary schools - the FarMM has a unique capacity to bring together stakeholders in our communities. When it comes to improving our communities' quality of life, we leave no stone unturned, collaborating with artists, yoga studios, real estate developers, and always keeping our door open to new ideas. Everyone is welcome here.

  • Meet Our Team

    Andrea Rasca

    Co-Founding Director

    Over the past 25 years, Andrea has gained broad experience in various food-related sectors, with a focus on designing and implementing internationalization strategies for major Italian companies in the food industry and developing food retail projects. In 2014, he brought his wide-ranging experience together and developed a new food retail concept, Mercato Metropolitano. Andrea holds a Masters in International Affairs from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, ETP Masters in Japanese Business from Sophia University in Tokyo, and a degree in Business Administration from Cattolica University of Milan and ICADE of Madrid.

    Amedeo Claris

    Co-Founding Director

    Amedeo is the Managing Director of Mercato Metropolitano. He has held various senior positions in professional services, business management and corporate finance. With a background in corporate law and finance, Amedeo has 13 years' experience advising leading asset and investment managers on the establishment, restructuring and managing of Private Equity, Venture Capital and specialist investment funds across a wide spectrum of asset classes. Amedeo is passionate about food and exploring ways in which the private sector and entrepreneurs can contribute to reducing malnutrition, obesity and related noncommunicable diseases, as well as using high-quality food and engagement as a catalyst for community cohesion and as a tool to break down societal barriers.

    Kate Kaneko

    Strategy Officer

    As Strategy Officer, Kate works closely with Andrea to prioritize company decisions and operationalize new initiatives and opportunities for growth. Her career spans both public and private sector, including providing health policy recommendations in Bangkok at PSI, developing a growth strategy for a Rakuten-backed Japanese smart home startup in Silicon Valley, and assisting leaders in D.C. lobbying and government agencies with her innovative approach and global perspective at Deloitte. A native of Japan and the USA, Kate studied international relations at Princeton University and is excited to apply her skills in the social enterprise space to change food policy and the way we eat.

    Ally Friedman

    Business Harvest Lead

    Ally is a graduate student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, concentrating in environmental policy and business for social impact. She started at the FarMM in June 2020, and is now building our Business Harvest program, providing strategic input, conducting research, and engaging with companies. Prior to pursuing her Masters degree, Ally spent nearly four years at World Resources Institute (WRI) working in climate change communications. At WRI, Ally partnered with governments, companies, and other NGOs to create compelling messages and campaigns for nearly every sustainability issue in the book, and always had a special interest in food and land-use.

    Kayla Butera

    FarMM Intern

    Kayla is a pre-medical undergraduate at Tufts University studying biology and nutrition. She started at the FarMM in August 2020 and is currently working on social media content and blog posts. She is passionate about how food intersects with health, justice, and sustainability.

    Nicholas Panayi

    AcadeMMy Lead

    Nicholas background in both Law (UK) and Sustainable Agriculture (Netherlands). He joined MM in 2019 as Sustainability Training and Education Coordinator and has now joined the FarMM, focusing primarily on building academic partnerships and courses around sustainability and improving our food systems, and is host of "FarMM Talks", a series dedicated to sharing knowledge and connecting to people and businesses who are seeking to make more sustainable choices. Nicholas is also a part-time farmer on a small, mixed farm where he puts theory into action, season after season.

    Serena Palladino

    IMMpact Projects Lead

    Serena is a graduate student in Food & Beverage Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Abat Oliba CEU University. She worked at Mercato Metropolitano as Community & Sustainability Coordinator and joined the FarMM in November 2020. Serena is extremely passionate about food and has a particular interest in social enterprises that give back to the community. Between her Bachelors and Masters Degree, Serena lived in New York City as an au pair for one year, where she deepened her sense of environmental stewardship and realized that we need to change the way people live in big cities.

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