• Welcome to the AcadeMMy

    The AcadeMMy offers educational programmes and research opportunities to local and international students in the areas of food, hospitality, community and sustainability. We are creating an open network of educational institutions around the world - from preschools to universities - to provide original courses, guest lectures, field trips, joint research opportunities,

    and more.

  • Current Projects

    Through our projects, we focus on improving the relationships between society and

    environment, as well as policy, social and justice issues in the food system.

    Sustainable baking starts outside the kitchen

    The FarMM is collaborating with LSBU’s National Bakery School to create an online course which aims to connect learners with the farmers and producers. Students will learn how to bake fresh bread and make pasta and pizza by using natural, unadulterated and sustainably-sourced products. The course aims to create a collective network of individuals who would want to gain a deeper understanding of the sustainable food supply chain.

    The model works on social network principles, encouraging learners to review the products and interact with other learners online. In addition, learners can interact with the farmers so they can better understand where ingredients come from and to find ways to shorten the gap between producers and consumers. LSBU is providing the academic expertise and professional delivery while Mercato Metropolitano is providing the network of suppliers and real-life cooking experiences.

    Case Study on MM’s Sustainable Business Model

    As part of the Business Strategy & Consulting course, students from the Imperial Business School got the chance to go on an academic excursion to Mercato Metropolitano, as part of studying MM as a case study. Students met and heard Andrea Rasca, Founder and Chief Executive Dreamer of Mercato Metropolitano, to discuss MM’s sustainable business model, sharing with students the power of creating value-driven businesses, with a focus on supporting communities. Students studied how the innovative MM model could be applied to international marketplaces such as Tokyo, New York, Dubai and other strategic locations around the world, with the aim of disrupting food retail and the hospitality industry.

  • Current Academmy Partnerships

    Who we've worked with so far...

    London, UK

    In an effort to connect Academia and Industry, the FaMM and LSBU are currently collaborating on a range of projects from online course development with the National Bakery School to connecting students to work placements and internships in Mercato Metropolitano.

    London, UK

    The FarMM has collaborated with UAL through a wide range of formal and informal partnerships, keeping an open door for students practicing their skills from Filmmaking to Design.

    London, UK

    The FarMM worked with MBA students to develop a repeatable, transferable methodology that evaluates the change in children’s awareness, attitude and behaviour towards healthy eating after attending a cooking class.

    London, UK

    The FarMM partnered with King’s College London’s Business School for a social media project with 80 Digital Marketing Masters students. Working alongside their FarMM mentors, groups created and presented social media strategies which responded to various real-life challenges.

  • Want to Partner with the AcadeMMy?

    The FarMM hosts internships, fellowships and research projects for students, organizations and entrepreneurs seeking the space and support to explore a food sustainability topics they are passionate about. Our fellows contribute content to the FarMM blog, test out their ideas with us,

    and conduct research on the issues we care about.

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